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Welcome to

Jesselton International School

Set in a land of amazing, natural, and ethnic diversity, JIS welcomes all children to learn and grow with us as we believe that quality education plays a key role in shaping their future.

Established in 2018 to provide international education options in Kota Kinabalu, JIS was conceived and built with an ambitious and singular focus: to become Sabah’s Most Innovative and Reliable Educational Group.

We have a solid team of experienced and passionate educators leading the way. Today, JIS continues to grow as we gain recognition in providing quality education to our students.

JIS provides British curriculum education for children from ages 4 to 18 years old, from kindergarten to Year 11 IGCSE, Year 12 and Year 13 A Level. Our students learn the Key Stage curriculum blended with innovative learning designed to engage and challenge.

Jesselton International School is dedicated to providing  professional high-end teaching with high integrity. We focus on creating a brilliant field of education to illuminate our center of learning and to continue to succeed. We aim to produce outstanding future generations who are the pride of the nation and who contribute to the economic effect of the country.

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To become Sabah's Most

Innovative Educational Group

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To inspire academic excellence

To empower innovative future leaders

To provide high quality and affordable education

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Core Values


The quality embedded in each one of us


The feeling of care and compassion for one another


The collective skills in achieving our goals


The need to grow and advance


The commitment to pursue talents and interests with ambition

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The Founder of

Jesselton International School

Madam Lim Ean Heow
Founder's Message

As the founder of Jesselton International School, it is my privilege to welcome you to our school.

JIS offers a unique learning environment for our students. Through our unique education methodology, every student in our school will be able to work on their inner strengths and master appropriate soft skills to collaborate and achieve great goals together. This is the foundation of the three values that we emphasize in our school.

We believe that each student will be able to identify their unique strengths in forming RELATIONSHIPS with one another and in the wider community, and at the same time, conforming to a rigorous curriculum to manage the REALITY of examination. We also provide project-based learning through social entrepreneurship where students will learn the RESPONSIBILITY of becoming outstanding, independent, and contributing members of the community.

As an educator, I have an earnest desire to build up an institution where an education blended in all colours of human value could be given. I’m now proud to say that my lofty dream of creating a quality institution is taking shape through it. Today, JIS is one of the fastest-growing schools in the city due to its dedication to high standards, professionalism, and high-end education. JIS stands for high integrity; creating a brilliant education field that illuminates the avenue and will continue to succeed. We create outstanding future generations who will be the pride of our nation and who will contribute significantly to the growth of the economy.

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The Principal of

Jesselton International School

Mr Nicholas Haes
Meet the Principal

Hello and welcome to Jesselton International School. We offer a superb education to children from kindergarten, IGCSE, and A Level. We focus on academic strength; our aim is for children to enjoy learning, to be curious, and to make critical thinking a habit while achieving the scholastic success they require to progress to further education and satisfying careers.

It is important that children also develop a strong sense of moral and social responsibility. As JIS is ethnically and culturally diverse, we promote respect for self and the origins, as well as the views and aspirations of peers. We instill an appreciation for the natural world, especially in the fantastically ecologically diverse region in which we are situated. Through classes and also through our wide variety of extracurricular options and sports, we develop flexibility, responsibility, and productive interaction within groups.

We are known as a welcoming and caring school community. Our teachers are patient and selfless and are here because they want to educate and see their students develop intellectually, morally, and socially. Our teachers constantly look at interesting ways and new angles from which to present the material. They think about what each child needs and always try to help the child develop the concepts in a topic; this leads to deeper understanding and far greater aptitude in applying understanding to solving problems. JIS teachers are also sent regularly to Cambridge professional development courses.

At JIS, your children are encouraged and helped to aim higher and to achieve their best. It’s great that you are here reading this, we hope your children come and make their academic home with us. Please do come and meet us at Jesselton International School to find out more.

Why Choose

Jesselton International School
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No.1 Innovative
International School In Sabah

Our modern and tech-driven
education deepens students’
engagement with material and the connection between classroom instruction and their long-term learning aspiration.

Diverse Nationalities,
Cultures And Backgrounds

This allows for the development and opening of minds to enable your child to have a global mindset

Pastoral Care

There is a closer interaction between teacher-student and student-student. This creates better relationships among the JIS family.

Individualised Care And
Collaborative Learning

Our classroom and curriculum are designed to foster partnership and participation. Learning environment is flexible and neatly organized to promote clear, strategic thinking and active learning.

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