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Fee Structure

September, Academic Year 2021 - 2022

Enrolment Fee: RM 3,000 due at registration and non-refundable, for new enrolments

Deposit: RM 2,000 due at registration and refundable, for new enrolments only.

Graduation Fee: RM 1500 due at registration.

A-Level Tuition Fees

Year of Study Term Fee (3 terms per year) Annual Fee (3 Terms in 1 payment*)
Year 12 - AS-level
RM 12,500
RM 37,500
Year 13 - A-level
RM 37,500


1. Jesselton International School utilises a three-term schedule with termly fees as above. Payments are due within 15 days from the date the invoice is issued.

2. * Payment of annual fees (fees for all three terms made in one payment) will attract a discount of 50% on Supplies and Equipment Fees.

3. Sibling Discounts. For siblings in KG, Primary or Secondary only. First child (in Year 12 or 13), full fees. Second child, 5% discount. Third child, 10% discount. Fourth and further children, 15% discount. A twin is exempt from the deposit.

4. Other fees include, but are not limited to:

a) Supplies and equipment (termly)

AS Year 12 A2 Year 13
Science (lab)
Biology 200 | Physics 200 | Chemistry 200
Biology 200 | Physics 200 | Chemistry 200
ICT 100

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