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Jesselton International School Kindergarten

We welcome the little ones as young as 4 years old and we understand your concerns for
your child as they begin their journey into school life. Rest assured that they are in good
hands as our programme focuses on your child as a whole.
The Curriculum
In JIS Kindergarten years programme, students are divided into K1 and K2.
The JIS Kindergarten curriculum is designed to give our young learners a head start in life.
Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of promoting children’s holistic development,
thereby focussing on both academic and non-academic learning areas. There are two
sections to our Kindergarten programme:
The 4-year-old group or known as the Curious Cubs and the 5-year-old group known as the
Learning Lions. At JIS, we recognize the importance of allowing children to be children. Our
teachers provide guided experiences to our young children to enhance language
development, creativity, communication, imagination and thinking skills.
The two-year programme in our JIS kindergarten includes:
-English Language
-Music appreciation
-Music and movement
-Physical Education
-Sensory Activities
By the end of our Learning Lions’ kindergarten years, they would have learnt to recognise,
name and write all 26 letters of the alphabets (Lower and Upper case). They will know the
letter sound that each letter makes and will have the readiness to proceed to read the high
frequency or sight words.

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Head Of Kindergaten

Ms Christine Wong

Meet The Head Of Kindergarten

Welcome parents.
Jesselton International School’s Kindergarten programme offers young children aged 4 to 6
years old the opportunity to discover themselves and learn from an environment which
supports their personal growth.
We strongly believe that all children deserve a quality education and can achieve when given
the right educational environment. JIS curriculum is designed in such a way that students will
learn more effectively through active participation.
JES or Jesselton Edutainment System which is part of our Kindergarten programme,
emphasizes learning in an entertaining style. By blending entertainment with education into
our Kindergarten programme, it arouses the interest in learning and thus will make learning as
a voluntary response.
For the 4-year-olds, Curious Cubs will be a combination of fun activities which will arouse their
curiosity and desire to learn. Learning the alphabets and knowing their numbers are not the
only important lesson in our Curious cubs’ school year. At this young age, we strive to provide
a caring environment which encourages collaborative learning and positive relationships
among the students.
For the 5-year-olds, Learning Lions will continue on their journey through exploration and our
kindergarten teachers plan lessons which will lead the way for them as they proceed to the
Primary grades.

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