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Jesselton International School Secondary

The secondary school years play a crucial role in building students’ hard and soft skills where they are taught to become a more independent individual.

In JIS, our secondary school offers a balanced educational programme that spans across Humanities, Mathematics, Arts, Languages, and the Sciences, based on the British National Curriculum. In JIS Secondary years programme, students are divided into Lower Secondary (Year 7 – Year 9) and Upper Secondary (Year 10 & Year 11) where they cover Key Stages 3 & 4, working towards accomplishing their IGCSE examinations after Year 11. They then have the option to continue their Pre-University courses (Year 12 – Year 13) and take A Level at the end of Year 13.

We also offer a wide range of in-campus and off-campus extracurricular activities where students can decide on the ones they are interested in. We encourage all our students to take up activities that give them the opportunity to be involved and to learn new skills.

We aim to create students who can question, analyse and solve problems, who are socially engaged and responsible, and who are equipped to become successful citizens of a rapidly changing world.

Lower Secondary

Year 7 – Year 8 – Year 9 Curriculum:

Students are enrolled in courses based on the British National curriculum laying the foundation for the IGCSE frameworks. Courses include English (1st and 2nd Languages), Mathematics, Integrated Science, History, Geography, Foreign Languages (Mandarin and Malay), Music, Art, ICT and PE.

Upper Secondary

Year 10 and Year 11 Curriculum:

Students follow a two-year programme in preparation for the IGCSE examinations at the end of Year 11 studies. 

Students are required to take English, Mathematics and Biology. They have the opportunity to choose four to five option subjects from the Cambridge curriculum balanced across the areas of Languages, Humanities, Sciences and Business streams. 

To ensure that students are well prepared to sit for the IGCSE examinations, the school reserves the right to submit only those students who have attained a 50% passing grade in a particular subject. The Principal reserves the right to allow or withdraw the students, either in whole or in part, from the IGCSE Examinations.

Secondary Assessment and Progress Report

The progress report for Term 1 is based  100% on classroom observations, presentations, classwork, quizzes, tests, etc. Effort grades are also awarded for each subject:

Effort Grades:

1: Consistently outstanding approach to learning.

2: Good approach to all areas of learning.

3: Generally appropriate levels of focus.

4: Inconsistent approach to learning.

5: Consistently inappropriate attitude

Year 7 – Year 8: The Half-Yearly Grade and Final grade is based 80% on formal examinations – the Half-Yearly Exams and the Annual Exams, and 20% on classroom observations, presentations, classwork, quizzes, tests, etc.

Year 9 – Year 11: The Half-Yearly Grade and Final Grade are based 100% on formal examinations – the Half-Yearly Exams and the Annual Exams in preparation for the IGCSE examination session.

A qualitative assessment of the child’s character, socialisation, and academic skills is given.

Assessment Descriptors/

Levels of Achievement

Exceeds Expectation

Meets Expectation

Nearing Expectation

Below Expectation

Character Attributes

Confident, Assertive, Independent, Honest





Social Attitudes

Peer & Teacher Interactions, Caring, Takes Advice





Classroom Skills

Attentive, Disciplined, Completes Work, Follows Directions, Time-Conscious, Interacts with Teacher





Academic Skills

Study Skills, Oral and Written Work, Research, Presentations, Exams







The school provides systematic development leadership and team-based skills through the house system, with a focus on teamwork and friendly competition. At Jesselton International School, we have three houses: Titan, Spartan and Trojan named after significant ancient Greek heroes.

The house system is embedded into school life, with regular house days occurring throughout the year, comprising a mix of social, academic, creative and sporting events, creating a sense of belonging among our students. 


We understand the need for students to be physically active and enjoy their time outside the four walls of a classroom environment. As each person has their talent and potential, that’s why we provide a variety of in-school and after-school activities to support their growth in other pursuits. 

Our extensive program of extracurricular activities is designed to enrich and improve each child’s overall learning experience. All teachers at JIS are involved in extracurricular activities each week with more than 30 options available. There is an activity for every interest from sport, music, including art and craft, to engage and challenge our students.

In-School Activities (Off-campus)


Futsal, Bowling, Badminton, Rock-Climbing, Tennis, Swimming, Ping Pong, Floorball, Functional Exercises

After-school Activities (On-campus)


Mad Scientist, Chess and Go, Tae Kwon Do and MMA, JIS Band, Da Vinci Club, Singing Club, Dancing Club, Yoga Club, Architectural Engineering Club, Chinese Club, E-Sport Club, Magazine Club, Book Club, Rhythmic Gymnastic


Our leadership opportunities of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a commitment to equip students to become global citizens with lessons outside the classroom. Taking part in the award offers our students formal recognition for their achievements and is seen by many educational institutions (including Universities and employers)  as a valuable development program that equips them with practical and social skills.


Jesselton International Secondary school believes in participating in robust, stimulating and competitive competitions. We have participated in various competitions hosted by private organisations, universities, schools and state competitions. 

JISCOP (Jesselton International School Community Outreach Programme)

Being a school that chooses to educate the whole’ child, we believe that it is important to venture beyond the classroom to make a positive contribution to our community.  Through JISCOP, our Year 10 students volunteer in various workplaces or businesses and Year 9 students volunteer in various non-profit organisations or institutions.

YEP (Young Entrepreneur Program)

JIS YEP is an innovative, extra-curricular activity for Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school students who can form a ‘mini’ company at school. 

This program is to build students’ business understanding and skills by forming ‘mini’ companies at school. The objectives of this program are to enhance the culture and instil the values of entrepreneurship, encourage the formation of ideas, foster cooperation among students and to develop the personal entrepreneurial competencies of students in the operation of a micro-business cooperative.


Head Of Secondary

Ms Shelly Shirlenna Nadin

Meet The Head Of Secondary

Welcome to Jesselton International Secondary School! 

In JIS Secondary School, we believe that a good education is crucial for the wellbeing and fulfilment of our students. Here, every student is known as an individual and all can achieve their ambitions.

JIS Secondary School offers a blend of practical experience and experimentation, books, discussions, lectures and technology, allowing students to learn at a rapid pace. Our curriculum offers a thematic approach to education within curriculum areas, which brings learning to life for our students.

There are over 60 subject specialist teachers which give a student to teacher ratio of approximately 6:1. The maximum number of students in a class does not exceed 25 students and currently, our average number of students per class does not exceed 14. This low ratio means that our teachers can ensure that all students can have the attention that they need to fulfil their potential.

Following the School’s Mission Statements, we ensure that our students are well prepared for life beyond JIS.  The journey through secondary does not just concentrate on academics as we also believe that students should be exposed to matters which will be beneficial to them in the future. 

Programmes such as JISCOP (Jesselton International School Community Outreach Programme) and YEP (Young Entrepreneur Programme) teaches them the skills for personal development, whereas our fantastic extracurricular and sports activities are engaging, competitive and enriching. 

I am confident that you will find everything you need to know about Jesselton International School within our website, but if you want to know more or experience it firsthand, please feel free to contact me.

Get in touch soon.

Ms Shelly Shirlenna Nadin

Head of Secondary

Jesselton International School

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