Fee Structure

September, Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Enrolment Fee: RM 6,500 due at registration and non-refundable.

Deposit: RM 2,000 due at registration and refundable, for new enrolments only.

Secondary Tuition Fees

Year of Study Term Fee (3 terms per year) 3 Terms in 1 payment*
Year 7
RM 9,500
RM 28,500
Year 8
RM 9,500
RM 28,500
Year 9
RM 9,700
RM 29,100

IGCSE Tuition Fees

Year of Study Term Fee (3 terms per year) 3 Terms in 1 payment*
Year 10 - IGCSE
RM 11,172
RM 33,516
Year 11 - IGCSE
RM 16,758*
RM 33,516

Please note: the IGCSE years are considered as a single course beginning in Term 1 of Year 10 and ending with the receipt of certificates in August of Year 11. The fee for this course is split into five parts only for the convenience of payment.


1. Jesselton International School utilises a three-term schedule with termly fees as above. Payments are due within 28 days from the date the invoice is issued.

2. * Payment of annual fees (fees for all three terms made in one payment) will attract a discount of 100% on Supplies and Equipment Fees for the academic year.

3. Sibling Discounts
First child (the oldest), full fees. Second child, 5% discount. Third child, 10% discount. Fourth and further children, 15% discount.

4. Other fees include, but are not limited to:

a) Meals (Breakfast and lunch) – optional. Pre-order one month in advance.
Secondary : Small RM15, Large: RM18
There are two meal options and two meal sizes.

b) Sports Activities (termly)
ii) Year 7 – Year 13: RM 480

c) Supplies and equipment (termly)

Years 7 - 9 Years 10 (IGCSE - Course Dependent) Years 11 Terms 1 & 2 (IGCSE - Course Dependent)
Science (lab)
Biology 120
Physics 120
Chemistry 120
ICT/CS 100
ICT/CS 100
Art & Craft

d) Textbooks
i) Year 7 to Year 9  purchase from school
ii) IGCSE / Year 10: order online (

e) Uniform: purchase from school

f) After-school Activities – optional: none, one, two or three per week
i) Registration per activity: (termly): RM 50
ii) Additional fees for specialist coaches  see activities schedule

g) Class Excursions  per trip basis

h) Graduation Fees
Year 11: RM 300

i) Examination Fees (Cambridge CAIE, for J.I.S. students)
i) IGCSE examination fees per subject: RM 500 – 700 approx. (Exact cost given at registration.)

i) Visa application by JIS RM 500

Kindly contact us if you have any enquiries